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In 1985 Keenan Williams was a high school senior and football star in his hometown of Grand Prairie, TX, with a promising future in football until a serious injury derailed those hopes. At the time his parents were divorcing which further added to his anguish. Feeling he had nowhere else to go, he took to the streets.

By the time he was 20, he was addicted to cocaine, living in abandoned houses with no lights,power or running water and turning to the Salvation Army for periodic assistance. Then soon began robbing drug dealers to support his habit and went on a spree of committing aggravated robberies against them. For the next several years, he was in and out of jail 30 times, shot six times, stabbed, beaten with a bat and left in a ditch to die.

At 25 he was sentenced to prison for six years for a multitude of crimes ranging from aggravated robbery and assault to terroristic threats and drug charges.

After four years of angry and violent behavior in prison, Keenan took control of his life and decided that he was not the man he wanted to be and, through a newly found meaning in religion, vowed to turn his life around. For the last two years of his incarceration he devoted himself to self-education, reading more than two hundred books on the topics of etiquette, integrity, parenting, ethics, business and career success. He focused on becoming mentally, spiritually and physically strong. He began taking college classes in prison and earned a degree in air-conditioning and refrigeration—an accomplishment that would provide credentials for employment after his release.

Fifteen years later, Keenan is an entrepreneur and well-respected motivational speaker, sharing his inspirational story and bringing encouragement to those who've lost hope on both national and local televisionand radio. Through the account of his life, Keenan helps others find their own path and purpose and look beyond their current existence and create a future of courage, optimism and promise.

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